I am a Romanian programmer, currently working in London, UK.

Currently my focus is on data science and machine learning.

Technologies that I've worked with: Python, Scala, Hadoop, PHP, PhpSpec, Behat, Magento, Wordpress, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, NodeJs, SASS, Foundation, Bootstrap, git, PhantomJs, CasperJs.

To see my projects you can check my .

Movies: Coen Brothers and Ghibli are on top. More about this in the stuff section.

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Here are a few projects on which I worked: meAnalytics - app to gather data about yourself. automatic testing with phantomjs for magento frontend sites. Websites: www.milanoteleport.com, www.salonsystem.com, www.joloves.com, www.grenson.com, www.ohmylovelondon.com, www.seraphine.com, www.gucci.com.

If you want to contact me, and are the best options.